Factories in Mainland China are Helping US Businesses Bottom Lines

"Competitive Problems Keeping You Up at Night?"
Wouldn't You rather cash in on the benefits that sourcing from Mainland China is providing the largest American manufacturers and distributors?

You could have quality product manufactured or sourced for 15% to 45% less than what you are paying now.



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Do You need

  • Fabrications

  • Complex Extrusions

  • Assemblies

  • Castings

  • Forgings

  • MIM

  • Stampings

  • Machinings

  • Moldings

Product Categories

  • Cabinet Parts

  • Automobile Parts

  • Chemicals

  • Computer Hardware 

  • Construction

  • Electrical Equipment & Supplies

  • Electronic Components & Supplies

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Energy

  • Environment

  • Furniture & Furnishings

  • Gifts & Crafts

  • Health & Beauty

  • Home Appliances

  • Home Supplies

  • Industrial Supplies

  • Lights & Lighting

  • Luggage, Bags & Cases

  • Minerals, Metals & Materials

  • Office Supplies

  • Security & Protection

  • Sporting Goods

  • Entertainment

  • Telecommunications

  • Textiles & Leather

  • Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear

  • Toys

  • Transportation



Dear Friend & Fellow Professional,

If you are a company with sales from 4 to 20 million dollars a year and you'd like to add some additional profits to your bottom line, increase your competitiveness and focus on building your business, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

You and your company need to stay competitive in your market.  By sourcing component parts or entire products from quality oriented precision manufacturers in China,  You can take advantage of the huge cost savings that your large competitors are currently enjoying... at your expense.  We can help you build your business and make more money, period.

Have you considered Sourcing or Manufacturing in China?

There are two types of companies we work with:  those that have manufactured in Mainland China and those that haven't.  If you have, then you know about the quality issues, the time to delivery issues and the hassles of trying to translate your mindset into the Chinese manufacturers. 

If you've not manufactured or imported yet then you may be concerned about getting honest pricing, translating your manufacturing needs to your Chinese manufacturers, and getting real quality control instead of lip service. 

Whether you are an experienced importer or have never explored it, these are all real concerns.  If you are an American manufacturer or distributor that wants to remain competitive in your market, you have to consider China as a potential manufacturing source.  We are here to help you.

Even if you are a retailer or an entrepreneur, we can help you buy directly from the source.... and more now than ever, that source is mainland China.  Mainland China pricing is typically 20% better than sourcing from Taiwan or Hong Kong.

We have the capability to source or manufacture anything in metal, wire, castings, extrusions, or even complicated finished goods and assemblies.

Quality | Value  | Service

Our network of precision manufacturers and quality oriented factories will give you:

  • Quality control within your tolerances

  • Honest pricing

  • American/Chinese project management

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Quality | Value  | Service

We act as your representatives and look after your interests.  As a matter of fact, our partners have an extensive network of contacts and factories in Mainland China.  You can be sure that these relationships are used to your advantage.

We invite you anytime to visit the factories in Shanghai and Beijing. 

How we add value

  • We partner with you, so our interests are the same!
  • NO RISK transactions... all pricing is contingent on your approval.
  • Price Negotiations - our greatest strength!
  • Quality control - are you familiar with the different Chinese management styles? It helps to know.
  • Translations, interpretation, trade show representation.
  • Background checking - Know who you're dealing with!
  • Not all products are right for Chinese manufacturing. Let us help you determine if you can make money with Chinese manufacturing.

We start with a basic systemized approach.  We create a no risk scenario to you as we start by getting drawings & samples from which the factories can give you accurate pricing.

We have an engineering staff in China and here in the US.  If we can optimize your design to decrease your manufacturing costs then we'll let you know.

From there, you get samples.  Sometimes there is a cost, sometimes there is not for samples.  Once we get your approval on the samples you will give us an initial  purchase order.  We invite you to the factory at any phase of the manufacturing or assembly. 

We package and label everything to your specifications.  Then it's 4 weeks on the boat and you get delivery.  We can even drop ship directly to your customer.

Is Sourcing or Manufacturing in China Right for You?  What are good types of products to source or manufacture in Mainland China?

Not all products are good outsourcing candidates. Your  main benefit of sourcing or manufacturing in China is that it allows you to take advantage of the labor cost difference between the US and China.

When Chinese labor rates are so low, you have to look at China as an option for production.  Especially for labor intensive products and processes and if you need tooling, assembly or packaging.  Did you know that for the cost of 1 skilled US worker, you could have 15 to 25 skilled workers in a factory in China.  There is no shortage of workforce quality with over 1 million engineers graduating every year.

Products that are mainly commodity items or low labor involvement are probably not good candidates.  Raw material costs are approximately the same throughout the world.  Small order runs are not usually the most advantageous, unless you are producing something complex or expensive.

Mainland China is suppressing the value of their currency.  This means even further savings to you.  Now is the time to act and realize maximum cost savings.

Is this bad for the US?

Well, considering that the factories in China survive on tiny margins and the bulk of the profits go to you, the US company, we think that it's good for US business.

What does this mean to you?

If you are a manufacturer, you don't need me to extol the benefits of manufacturing in China.  You already know that we are in a global marketplace.  Your competitors are more likely already in China and producing goods at lower costs..  We can help you compete or gain market share.  You can now expand your business by offering complete new lines to your current customers in areas you may not currently specialize in due to cost or tooling requirements.  You may be able to win competitive bids you were losing out on.

Our Niche Is Partnering With Small To Mid-Size American Manufacturers To Get Quality Products Made In China and Delivered To Them and Their Customers.
Big American Manufacturers are already in China.
Typically the $20MM, or smaller company, doesn't have the resources (time, money, expertise) to scale their business to accommodate a full-scale manufacturing facility in China.
Sure, you may be importing already (from Taiwan, Hong Kong, or even the mainland), but:
  • Are you getting the best prices? 
  • Are you having quality control issues?
  • Shipping issues? 
  • Do you even know who the decision makers are?

That's where we come in.

We take the fear and mystery out of dealing with the Chinese.

We understand some of the challenges you are facing today. 


The expanding global market and the need to be as competitive as you can
Large competitors already cutting into your business with their lower costs
Increasing competition for business. 
The vendors out there selling you junk or that can't deliver on time. 
Your profits getting smaller, costs sometimes spiraling out of control.
Facing tough decisions and problems

You can count on us to help you source or manufacture the highest quality product available at costs that will add to your competitive edge.  Our relationships with factories in China are there to get you the best pricing and quality, without the hassles and risk associated with going it on your own.

Our business depends upon relationships.  We want you to succeed.

We conduct our business with integrity and strive to help you succeed. Your cost will not be the absolute cheapest on the planet.  That usually requires big concessions in quality and reliability,  with market conditions where they are do you really want the cheapest.   Cheapest usually means JUNK.

What is it costing you now to not have enough Quality Product at Mainland China prices?

The Bottom Line

You want to generate more revenue and keep as competitive as possible in a cost effective and efficient manner.  We can help you source the things you need and make more money, period.

Call me now to get NO RISK pricing for any product or component on which you would like an RFQ.  305-372-5040.  If you prefer you can click below and send your request online.

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To your success,

Kris Copeland

P.S. I urge you to act on this opportunity today, right now, while the Chinese currency is still adding an additional advantage to you.


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